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aaPanel (pagoda panel international version) panel authorization code usage process

Updated Time:2022-08-16  Views:25037

All products purchased on this site are the authorization codes of the aaPanel panel (all lower than the official website price); after the purchase is completed, you need to go to the user center of the aaPanel official website to bind the authorization code, and then log in to the panel to bind the aaPanel account for use.

The specific process is as follows:

1. Log in to the official website, move the mouse to the cloud product and click the aaPanel panel or click the website banner to enter the aaPanel panel thematic page.

2.Enter the special page and click the "Buy Now" button.

3.Enter the purchase page and select the panel type to be purchased. Currently, the purchase of linux-type panel authorization codes is supported.

4.After the purchase is completed, enter the panel management page.

5.Click "Use Now" to enter the aaPanel official website. After logging in to the aaPanel panel, log in to the aaPanel account (which is an email address) on the panel, click to buy the professional version, and purchase the trial voucher.

6. Enter the authorization code of this site in the pop-up box to use the aaPanel panel.