The registry mandates that a domain must be renewed for one year after a successful transfer, effectively making the transfer fee serve as a renewal fee.
Enter your domains, one domain per line, examples as below:|AuthorizationCode|AuthorizationCode
The procedure of Transfer in the International Domain names
1Acquire Auth Code 2Submit Transfer In Request 3Confirm Transfer In 4Processing 5Transferred in successfully
Additional Information
  • "Transfer in" allows you to manage the domain on our site once the transfer is successful, such as modifying DNS settings, editing DNS records, updating contacts, and etc.
  • If you encounter "registrar transfer protection," please contact your current registrar to unlock your domain.
  • Please ensure that it has been more than 60 days since the last renewal, as renewing it too soon may render your renewal invalid.
  • In case you encounter a blank space in the authorization code, try using a "+" to replace it and proceed with the transfer.
Latest Transfer News
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